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Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay 2022

6th August 2022

CPRE Staffordshire’s Office and Publicity Manager Sue Kneill-Boxley joined fellow baton-bearers in braving the 39C heat to take her place in the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay 2022 in Stone on 19th July. Representing CPRE Staffordshire after being nominated by former Chairman, Mary Booth, Sue said she was proud to be a baton bearer and to be nominated for her work – though a little nervous.

Sue kicked off the first leg in Stone, starting near Stone Leisure Centre on Westbridge Park, Stafford Road and handed to Margaret Ainsworth-Hickman of Chebsey Parish Council after her 200m stretch. Despite the heat, she managed to maintain a good jogging pace for her 200m leg however, despite being a seasoned runner, she said it was quite far enough in the intense sunshine! The Stone section concluded with a canoe paddle with Julia Bailey of the local canoe club and Newcastle Staffs Athletic Club taking the baton.

Mary said: “I asked Sue Kneill-Boxley if she would like me to nominate her to be a baton bearer in this special event, as I knew she had expressed interest. She said she would like me to do so, and below is what I sent in with the nomination. I was delighted that Sue was chosen, especially as she carried the baton in Stone, where her family has lived for some time.”

“Susan is keen to be a baton-bearer. She has worked tirelessly for CPRE Staffordshire for several years, with the aim of protecting and enhancing the countryside and encouraging the community to appreciate it more through walking and running in it, organizing photo competitions, litter-picking, rural poetry and dealing with threats regarding loss of the environment. During lockdowns she has put together packs for children stuck at home, including colouring materials and information about the countryside. She is a keen runner in her free time, especially on Cannock Chase. I am delighted to nominate her.”

Sue and other baton bearers