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Planning decisions affect us all, yet we often have very little input. We want planning to be fairer, engage communities and protect the countryside as well as regenerate our towns and villages.

At CPRE Staffordshire, we monitor and comment on local planning applications that could adversely affect the countryside, for example the proposed Gladman development south of the Wildwood estate in Stafford.

Local Planning Round-Up

18/00152/FUL - Land at Cannock Road, Bednall, South Staffordshire: REFUSED.

17/00505/OUT - Gladman development: REJECTED.

P/2015/01497 - Hazelwalls Farm, Uttoxeter: REVISED.

18/00307/OUT - Land Off Cherrybrook Drive, Penkrigde, South Staffordshire: REFUSED.

P/2018/00432 - Beamhill Grange, Burton-on-Trent, East Stafforshire.

Further Information can be found on the latest Summer newsletter.

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