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St. Mary the Virgin Church, Colton

St. Mary the Virgin, Colton St. Mary the Virgin, Colton Photo: © Photo source

Thursday 26th. September 2013 at 2.00pm

The tower is probably the oldest part of the building in the late Norman style. Other parts being of the Early English style

of architecture of the 13th. Century. Late 14th. Century frescoes were discovered beneath plaster when restoration work was undertaken in the 1850s by George Edmund Street, in what had been a chapel. One of the scenes depicted St. Nicholas. They were thought to have been painted in the time when Nicholas De Gresley was Lord of the Manor of Colton. St.Nicholas could have been his patron saint. Unfortunately these paintings were lost in the restoration but we do have drawings of them. 

There are some small pieces of medieval glass in the windows of the tower. Medieval glass working went on in and around Colton in the 14th Century. In 1270 Nicholas son of William De Colton stabbed Adam, son of Hereward in a brawl; he fled to the church and took sanctuary. Lord De Colton assisted him in his escape before the villagers were able to hand him over to the proper authorities. They had to pay a fine.

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