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Staffordshire Parish Councils

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In the current economic situation there is pressure on parish and town (local) councils to fill the gaps in service provision caused by the budget cuts of principal authorities, while at the same time trying to keep their own expenditure as low as possible.

As regards legislation, the Localism Act has been affecting parish councils, as it meant they had to adopt a new code of conduct.  The Open Services White Paper has been published.  The Government intends to make it easier to set up new parish councils.  The first community (parish) council in London, Queens Park, Westminster, will come into being in 2014.

Work has continued on the National Association of Local Councils (NALC)/CPRE joint programme funded by CLG to provide support to local councils and communities on Neighbourhood Planning.  This will be vital if the new system is to be a success, as Local Plans in Staffordshire are adopted. Neighbourhood Planning must ‘hit the ground running’, or there will be an unfortunate gap which could cause problems.

At the SPCA AGM in November 2012 Cllr Pat Corfield asked parish councils to inform Staffordshire County Council of any local historical links to the Great (First World) War in preparation for the centenary in 2014, which will be commemorated with a special trail.

Mary Booth CPRE Representative

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