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South Staffs District Group

Kinver Edge Kinver Edge

The South Staffordshire group has been busy this year protecting the green belt in our area and working to conserve our rural settings of South Staffordshire. We meet every six to eight weeks to discuss plans which can cause building in the green belt, and act on them accordingly.  The group have written to National C.P.R.E. about the concerns they have about ivy growing on trees and smothering them to the extent of causing the death of the trees.  And many of the trees being blown down by the high winds, probably as a result of climate change, are covered in ivy.  We recognise that Ivy shelters many creatures and birds but we feel that C.P.R.E. should investigate this problem to see what action is needed be taken on a national scale.  We are awaiting their reply.  For our summer meeting we have planned a walk along the Worcester/Staffs canal in Kinver.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee members for their support and work over the last year.

Lin Hingley Chairman

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