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AGM 2013 - Chairman's report

Trentham Gardens Trentham Gardens Bob Bray

It is with pleasure that I present my annual report.

The past year has been, not surprisingly, a busy one for us all.  No sooner had our good office staff settled into the premises at “The Huts” than news came through that the County Council had sold the site to a developer, and that we would be on the move again!  CPRE Staffordshire is to return to Martin Street, Number 14 now.  However, we are, as always, very grateful to the generosity of the County Council for their support and for the provision of a home.

Two notable events came our way last year. The first was the winning by Phil Goode of one of the Marsh Awards.  This scheme acknowledges an individual’s contribution to the work of CPRE, and if anyone deserved such recognition, it was Phil.  He was presented with his certificate at the National CPRE AGM in London last summer.  It was also pleasing that one of our vice-chairmen, Anne Clendon, was commended for her work, not just for CPRE, but also for what she does for her local community.

The second happy occurrence was the acceptance by the new Lord Lieutenant of the County, Mr. Ian Dudson, C.B.E. of my invitation to be our honorary President.   We very much look forward to his attendance at our meetings.

Last September, we were fortunate enough to welcome to our County meeting the chief executive of CPRE, Mr. Shaun Spiers. It was good of him to visit us, and we very much appreciated his kindness.

There was a sad note last year, in that we were informed that National Office was obliged to restructure the organization. It was becoming obvious that, along with many other charities, funds were seriously depleted. One casualty was the announcement that Gerald Kells was to be made redundant.  Gerald has supported Staffordshire CPRE assiduously over the years, and his departure is a blow.  This will affect our relationship with the West Midlands Regional committee, and negotiations are proceeding.

HS2 is another of our preoccupations.  Our Branch has been involved with several organizations and individuals concerned in the project.  Phil Goode’s excellent press release clearly set out our position, and if it is inevitable that the scheme should go ahead, we shall continue to battle, to our utmost, for the best mitigation that can be found.

Lastly, my warmest thanks to our staff: Bob, Phil, Sandi and David, for their hard work over the year.  And also, thanks to the members of the Executive Committee; their contribution is much appreciated.  Thanks also to the two vice-chairman, John Russell, who kindly attends Regional and Branch forums on our behalf, and to Anne Clendon, for organizing the social trips.  Finally we warmly welcome Peter Ward who has volunteered to assist Phil Goode with planning matters.  CPRE Staffordshire is very fortunate.

Amyas Stafford Northcote Chairman

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