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Farming and food

A vision for the future of farming in 2026

In our vision 2026 for the Countryside CPRE looked to a brighter, better future. The role of farming in helping to deliver that future is crictical. This vision sets out our aspirations for a farming system that , by 2026, our centenary year, will be helping to create a more vibrant countryside, environmentally, socially and ecomically.

We will achieve our vision by....

campaigning independentaly and in coalition to push for fairer trade agreements that reconise the value of environmentally sustainable production and a reformed CAP that rewards farmers for the full range of environmental public goods and services they provide.

standing up for the producers, processors, suppliers and retailers in local food networks and lobbying for a joined-up approach to farming. food and environmental policy that helps farmers prosper and guarantees supplies of high quality, environmentally sustainable food.

supporting environmentally sustainable farming that enhances landscape character, and campaigning against the unfair practices of large food processors and retailers and the tend towards the indrustrialisation of our farmed landscapes by large agri-businesses.

pressing for more resources for argi-environment schemes, and championing landscape character across all areas of rural policy.

lobbying for changes to policy and the introduction of support measures that help all the farming sectors become more sustainable, environmentally, socially and ecomically.


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